Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) – Bankruptcy Form
29 Sep 2020

In October 2020 AFSA will go live with the ‘digital bankruptcy application’ – a fully online application process. The Bankruptcy Form Perform developed as an interim solution for AFSA provided significant insight and cost-savings in the development of this system.

Aware of the timeframes needed for development of the online system, and the issues with their existing form, AFSA engaged Perform to provide an interim solution. We provided a quality fillable PDF form that met all business and user requirements and also helped guide the development, flow and functionality of the digital bankruptcy application.

We worked closely with the AFSA team to develop a new form catering for the complex and serious requirements of applying for bankruptcy. We considered the extensive customer research and feedback AFSA had received on their existing form, along with revised business requirements and processes (including online lodgement for completed forms via the Bankruptcy Online account) as we developed the new Bankruptcy Form.

We undertook extensive usability testing of the new form in a ‘one-on-one’ environment. This testing involved real users, completing the form on screen using real scenarios as well as some users completing the form by hand as this option remains a requirement. Users were observed while completing the form and then a discussion followed regarding areas of concern, provision of information, language and ease of completion.

The form was also tested in a sandpit environment hosted by AFSA and received very positive feedback – “The form is a resounding success for our testers, thank you.”  In this environment the form was tested by insolvency practitioners including financial counsellors, lawyers, accountants, insolvency and debt advisors.

The findings from the testing were incorporated and the final fillable PDF Bankruptcy Form went live late in 2019. It was well received and significantly improved the collection of accurate data as well as the user experience. It also provided major insight and saved time during the development of the digital bankruptcy application.

The fillable PDF Bankruptcy Form will remain in use and is currently undergoing minor content changes to compliment the online system. It will be used to ensure accessibility for users unable to, or who choose not to, use the digital application.

Feedback received from AFSA…

Just wanted to say how appreciative we are for the flexibility and responsiveness of the services we have received from you and your team throughout this engagement. Thank you very much.

We’ve had so much positive feedback about the new Bankruptcy Form – thank you, again, for all your help in producing such a fantastic document.

For information about our forms design and usability testing services, contact Perform on 02 6162 0618.

For general information about bankruptcy and other personal insolvency options visit the AFSA website at