Forms design

The process of forms design is quite different to that of producing a brochure, annual report or advertising material. A paper or fillable PDF form needs to be designed in such a way that it can be easily updated when there are changes to legislation, business processes or even the target audience.

The forms design needs to include visual components that help the user navigate through the form and clearly display the questions that the user needs to answer based on their particular circumstances.

Forms play an important role in representing an organisation and it is vital that they portray a professional and consistent image.

What we can do for you

As part of our forms design service we can:

  • help you develop new design concepts, design standards and guidelines, question wording and common question sets. With standards and guidelines in place, it is easier to maintain a high quality of forms design regardless of who is undertaking the design of new forms or changes to existing forms.
  • use forms analysis and user testing to help design and develop forms incorporating best practice usability, accessibility and visual components.
  • develop forms in InDesign, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. Create fillable PDF forms and work with you and your developers to design HTML and other online applications.
  • provide online forms advice and help you collect the information you need, whatever the medium.

Enquire about our forms design services today

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