Forms analysis

Our forms analysis services range from reviewing your existing or proposed data gathering processes, through to advising on appropriate wording and best practice forms design.

There are some important questions to be asked long before the design of a form commences and if not established early can lead to reworking late in the design process.

Our aim when analysing forms and providing online forms advice is to establish who the users of the form will be, why they will use it, what information the form needs to give and collect, how the form will be used, when the form will be used, and the order in which information will be asked and processed.

Analysis techniques

Background research

During the background research phase, we may utilise various techniques including workflow mapping, conducting expert reviews on existing products, and talking with staff to locate and understand any problems or areas of concern.

Once we have completed our background research and analysis, we then determine the most appropriate delivery method for your forms. This may mean a number of mediums are used to ensure all customers/users have access to the forms.

Business process improvement

Business process improvement is the analysis of information and tasks within a process to establish if there are any ways that the process could be streamlined or improved.

Business process improvement is undertaken during the analysis phase of a project. Workflow diagrams form an important component of business process improvement, as do discussions and information sessions with staff.

Workflow diagramming

A workflow diagram is a high-level diagram that documents the tasks and flow of information within a process. The diagrams are a useful tool to identify duplications or areas where improvements can be made within a process. The information gathered in a workflow diagram may also help to determine the most appropriate delivery method for particular products.

Affinity diagramming

Affinity diagramming is a hands-on technique used to sort information and findings into logical groups. It is generally a team-oriented process and should include people involved in gathering and analysing data, or design and policy staff working on a suite of forms. In a workshop situation, identified issues and concerns with forms design are written on sticky notes which are sorted into categories. These categories can then be addressed in order of importance.

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