Forms management

Perform can help you implement a user-friendly forms management program to control, develop, review and supply forms across your organisation and to your clients.

Savings in production and processing costs, improvement in the consistency and quality of products, and an increase in the usability of forms are some of the benefits that can be achieved from the implementation of a sound forms management program.

The importance of implementing a forms management program

A comprehensive forms management program is essential to ensure your organisation’s forms are managed effectively.

Quite often, forms are developed in a number of different formats so customers/users can choose how they access and complete the forms. Some may still prefer access to paper forms while others enjoy the convenience of completing and submitting information online through HTML systems or a fillable PDF form.

It is important to implement practical day-to-day forms management tasks within an organisation to keep your forms in check. This includes forms analysis, processes for handling new designs and changes to existing forms, as well as cataloguing, numbering, record keeping and version control.

A good forms management program also includes a suitable form review process which requires regular review of forms in order to meet an organisation’s quality assurance requirements.

Discover how Perform can help you with forms management

We offer advice in a consultative role or can work with you to develop and document all aspects of your forms management program, including procedures for controlling, developing and supplying forms as well as establishing an appropriate form review process.

If you would like further information or a free no-obligation assessment of your current forms management requirements, contact us on 02 6162 0618.