ActewAGL’s new look Electricity and Gas bills
08 May 2017

ActewAGL – one of Canberra’s main utility suppliers – engaged Perform’s services back in 2005 to redesign their electricity and water bills with specific focus on the format, presentation and usability of the information. The redesign of the bills was highly successfully.

Recently the bill production process was changed from overprinting on pre-printed base stock, to a full colour, fully laser printed process. Perform was contacted again and following some independent focus group research conducted with local Canberrans, and various stakeholder meetings, we developed a new design template for the Electricity bill. We then produced detailed specifications for the new template to enable the company responsible for the laser output to program the template into their system.

The new look Electricity bill was implemented in 2016 and following its success, we worked with ActewAGL to redesign the Gas bill in a consistent style. Again, detailed specifications were developed and the template programmed into the automated system. The new look Gas bill has recently gone live. To assist with the implementation of the new Electricity and Gas bills, ActewAGL have undertaken a marketing campaign which includes a flyer and a short online video explaining the important changes to the bills.

The new design, which incorporates many of the elements of the original design from 2005, as well as new elements resulting from the focus group feedback, has produced simpler bills that make it easier for customers to understand their charges and savings.

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For more information about the development of the bills, or assistance to develop your own, contact Perform on 02 6162 0618.